Admin Login is a private IP address that is used as the default gateway for many routers. Therefore, in case you need to modify the router’s settings, you can use this IP address to get you access to the admin console and make the required changes. Similar to or, it is an IPv4 address, i.e. Class C private IP address.

Given that the IP is meant solely for private use, it can be used by anyone on a private network without creating an IP address conflict. Whether you want to change the SSID, WiFi password, update the firmware, or set up parental controls, log in to your router using the default IP address. This IP is used as the default gateway by router brands like DrayTek, Fortinet, Zinwell, Dane-Elec, ViewSonic, EnGenius, or ZyXEL.

How to Login to IP?

It is pretty easy to log in to IP address. Just a few steps outlined below and you are done:

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Forgot Your Router’s Username and Password?

Forgot the default user ID and password to log in to Worry not! Go through the instructions below to recover the forgotten login credentials:

Once done, try accessing the IP admin login web page and log into your WiFi router using the default username and password.

How to Configure Your WiFi Router Using

As we have mentioned earlier, you can access the admin configuration panel of your WiFi router with IP. And from the web interface, you can easily configure your wireless router. Here are the required steps to get the job done:

In this way, you can configure your WiFi router’s settings in accordance with your requirements.

Troubleshooting IP Login Issues

The process of accessing the IP is quite simple. However, still, many users are unable to access the WiFi router’s web admin panel using the IP. If you are also one of them, following troubleshooting steps will help you out:

Are You Typing the Correct IP Address?
The most common mistake that prevents users from accessing the IP is that they enter the wrong IP. A private IP address is separated by three dots having four numerical values. However, some users type  192.168.I.2 which is incorrect. Plus, there is no need to add ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ in the end of the IP.

Is Your PC Connected to the Internet?
It is almost impossible to access the admin login web page without internet. So, your PC should be connected to a high-speed WiFi connection. If WiFi network is not worthy, opt for the Ethernet connection. Connect your PC to the modem via an Ethernet cable.

Other Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Admin Login Issues

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