Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Setup

If you want to learn about how to set up a Wireless N WiFi repeater, then this web page will be of great assistance. On this very page, we have covered topics like Wireless-N repeater setup on mobile phone/ computer and the WPS method. A WiFi repeater can be configured in two modes. The instructions for both modes have been clearly explained here.

Wireless N Repeater Setup Modes

AP Mode

This mode provides repeater the ability to convert wired signals to wireless networks.

Repeater Mode

This mode helps to extend and boosts the existing network to reach dead spots.

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How to Set Up Wireless-N WiFi Repeater?

  • Power off the host router for some time. It is an important step.
  • Bring the Wireless-N repeater to the same room where the router is placed.
  • Use an RJ-45 Ethernet and connect the repeater’s internet port to the LAN port of the router.
  • Turn on the router now. Connect it to a wall outlet and power it up.
  • Next, power up the repeater in the same manner by plugging it in.
  • It is now time to turn on your computer. If you want to perform WiFi repeater setup on mobile then unlock it.
  • Connect the computer or mobile to the repeater’s WiFi.
  • Open any browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Safari, etc.
  • In the address field, type WiFi repeater setup IP address and press Enter.
  • On the login window that opens up, type “admin” in both the username and password fields and click OK.

You now need to select the operating mode that you want to set up your repeater in.

Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Setup in Repeater Mode

Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Setup in Repeater Mode

Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup instructions for repeater mode have been mentioned below:

  • After logging in, you will reach the admin dashboard screen.
  • On the left side, click Setup Wizard.
  • Choose Wireless Repeater Mode and click Next.
  • Click Repeater-OneKey Setting.
  • Select the desired WiFi network and click Next.
  • In Pre-Shared Key field, type the password for the selected network.
  • Finally, click on the Apply and Reboot button and click OK.
  • That’s it! You are done configuring your repeater using WiFi repeater setup IP address.

Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Setup Instructions for AP Mode

If you want to set up your Wireless N WiFi repeater in Access Point mode, then use these steps:

  • On the admin dashboard, click on the main Menu.
  • Click Setup Wizard.
  • Select Standard Wireless AP Mode and click Next.
  • Next, click AP-OneKey Setting.
  • Click Security in the main Menu.
  • Enter the password in the Pre-Shared Key tab.
  • Click Apply Changes.
  • You have configured your repeater in AP mode.
Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Setup Instructions for AP Mode
Steps to Setup Wireless N WiFi Repeater Using WPS

Steps to Setup Wireless N WiFi Repeater Using WPS

  • Make sure that the Wireless N repeater is placed near the host router.
  • Turn on the router first and then turn on the repeater.
  • Press the WPS button located on the router.
  • Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the repeater also.
  • Repeat the same process to set up the second wireless band.

Quick Tips to Avoid WiFi Repeater Setup Issues

  • Be certain that the repeater is running on the default factory values while setting it up.
  • Use a good quality Ethernet cable to connect the devices.
  • Always use an updated web browser to access the WiFi repeater setup IP address.
  • Ensure a consistent power supply to the devices.
  • If the PC is not getting connected to the repeater’s WiFi, then use an Ethernet cable.
  • Avoid mistakes while typing IP address or login credentials.
  • Power cycle the router and repeater before setup.
  • Your computer or mobile must be connected to the repeater’s network.

Once the setup is done, you can relocate your Wireless-N repeater to a new place in the home. The whole idea of getting a repeater is to extend the existing network and eliminate WiFi dead spots. Thus choose a place that is halfway between the router and the areas with no WiFi signal.

Move the repeater to the most appropriate location in the home and connect devices to its network.

Compact & Portable
Compact & Portable

Can be carried anywhere because of its size.

Two Operation Modes
Two Operation Modes

Can be set up in AP and Repeater modes

Two Wireless Networks
Two Wireless Networks

It supports 2.4GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks

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