What is is an internet address; you should have encountered it at some point if you frequently use the internet. All internet-connected devices are designed to have a unique IP address that enables efficient data interchange between the device and the rest of the digital universe. This is comparable to your contact information, such as your phone number, address, and email. – The Internet Protocol (IP) address is the type of address used on the internet. The router assigns an IP address to each device linked to it in a typical home network. It also has a unique router IP. Private networks within an organization, such as LANs, WANs, and home networks, have been restricted to a specific range of IP addresses. These IP addresses are unable to be linked to websites (publicly accessible websites).

The majority of manufacturers consider to be the router IP. As a result, the network’s devices become the default access point and gateway to the outside world. The default gateway is for this reason. Because of this, it is simpler for users to remember the IP address to enter in the address bar of their favorite browser to access the router’s dashboard.

Can’t access

You could encounter an error message that reads “can’t connect to the site” when attempting to access the router IP address that guides you through setting up your device. Depending on the web browser you are using, the message may change. The fact that is not a typical IP is what’s causing the problem. Instead, many brands provide a local web address to help their users access the settings of their routers.

While assists users with setting up their devices with the router, it can also be used to manage and make changes to the settings of the devices. However, the error message can occasionally be seen while accessing the router IP address, which prevents users from moving forward.

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How to Fix IP Not Working Issue?

If you are unable to access the settings of your router using the IP address, then have a tab on the below-mentioned troubleshooting tips for fixing the issue.

Configure Router via

There are four major steps required to be followed for configuring the router using the default router login IP address.

Once you have access to these requirements, follow the steps given below:

Follow the prompts the same as they are and complete the configuration of your router using the IP address.

That’s all about how to make your WiFi router up and running with the help of the default router IP Those who can’t get lag-free internet even after configuring their routers are advised to set up an extender in their homes for making things happen.

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