Relation of to Wireless-N WiFi Signal Repeater

IP addresses are simple numbers, which are given to all network and internet devices. If you have any router, extender, booster, modem, computer, laptop even phone, surely these have IP addresses assigned like MAC address.

Here we will only talk about the range extender IP address that help repeater use to access the internet and talk to other devices. We will discuss a particular IP address that is assigned to Wireless-N WiFi signal repeater.

This assigned IP also help users to complete the Wireless-N WiFi repeater Setup. This IP get you access of the interface of network device. We will discuss the relation of the with Wireless-N WiFi repeater. And take you through the different operations you can do with the IP.

Relation of to Wireless-N WiFi Signal Repeater

Where to Find on Wireless-N WiFi Repeater?

The Wireless-N device provide you user manual. Into the manual guide you can find the correct IP address and login credentials like username and password. These credential details will help you to enter the interface of the Wireless-N WiFi signal repeater.

You’ll find the IP address and login admin details on the label of the network device as well. See how you can use to enter to the interface of Wireless-N network device.

How to Use to Access Repeater’s Interface?

Use this above-given IP address to access the interface of the Wireless-N WiFi repeater. Let’s see how you can log into it.

Turn on Wireless-N Device

At first, you have to turn on the repeater by plugging it into a nearest electric wall socket. Then just press the power button and start the device (power button is given on the front of the Wireless-N signal repeater). Make sure it is connected to the router wirelessly or Ethernet cable.

Connect Computer to It

Now, link your laptop or computer to the Wireless-N WiFi signal repeater via LAN cable. Now, start the computer, open the web browser.


You must locate the address bar of the web browser, search IP address. Then you will reach to the login page of the interface. You have to type login credentials (username and password) with the help of the user manual.

Reach Interface Dashboard

The login details will take you to the interface dashboard. Here, you can adjust the settings and networks of the Wireless-N WiFi signal repeater. There much more operations that you can do, from this interface like upgrade the device firmware, change the password or enable various features.

Let’s discuss these operations one by one in this below written section with simple steps to complete the operations.

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How to Upgrade Firmware of Wireless-N WiFi Repeater?

Yes, it is true that you can also upgrade your Wireless-N device through IP address interface. Have a look at the steps how to update firmware.

Now, have look how to change password of the admin username password with the help of the easy steps.

How to Add a New Password to Admin Interface of Repeater?

Changing the password of your Wireless-N repeater admin user is also a simple process. Look at some steps to add or change interface password of the network device.

On the above written information, we have discussed the Wireless-N repeater IP address that is But in all the devices you will not find the same IP. On other network devices you will find different like or, which are commonly used.

We have reached at the end this page, so let’s end it with some additional and positive lines. Here, you have joined the discussion that give the information about the relation of IP address to Wireless-N WiFi signal repeater.

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