Router Login IP

If you want to configure a WiFi device like a router or extender, there is a need for a predefined IP address. is the IP address used by manufacturers of various brands. With the help of the  IP address, it becomes easy for users to configure their routers and access settings. If you have a router and looking to configure it using the default router login IP address, then check the information given on this page and get success with the overall process.

How to Log in to Router with

Pro Tip: Input the IP address of your router only into the URL field without making any typing mistakes.

That is how you can log in to your router using the IP address. Some users face issues while accessing the router login IP and are stuck with an error message. If the same is happening with you, check the next section for learning how to troubleshoot the issue in a matter of minutes.

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Can’t Access Router IP?

Users, now and then, come to us complaining that they can’t get to the login page. If you are having the same problem when attempting to log in to your router, try the fixes listed below:

1. Restart Your WiFi Router

Due to technical issues with your device, you could experience the problem of “unable to access login page.” The best course of action for resolving this issue is to power cycle your router.

By unplugging the router from its power outlet after disconnecting it from all connected devices, you can power cycle the router. Allow your router’s power adapter to sit without electricity for a short period. Reconnect the adapter to its socket and press the power switch now. Connect your devices and then attempt to access the login page. Most likely, it will work for you this time. If not, move on to the following troubleshooting hack to fix the login IP not accessible issue.

2. Turn Off Your Antivirus and Ad Blocker

The issue you are currently experiencing may potentially be brought on by the presence of applications like antivirus and ad-blocker on the device you are using to access the router login IP. Try temporarily disabling such apps on your device to fix the issue and see if that improves your ability to access the default router login IP address.

3. Clean Your Internet Browser

You won’t be able to access the login page if your web browser is clogged with cookies and browsing history. So, go to your web browser’s settings and clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history to resolve the issue at hand.

4. Relocate the Router

Have you tucked your router under a table or into a corner? If so, we have identified a further cause for your inability to access the login page of your router using For your reference, the location of the router is important when logging into a router. Keep in mind that the router should be placed in the center of your house for successful login. Additionally, be sure to leave your device in a well-ventilated area. Don’t tuck it in a cabinet or under a table. As an alternative, put it higher on a surface and close to your already configured modem.

5. Change IP Address

Perhaps your router does not support the IP address. If so, you need to check the manual of your router to find the IP address that best matches your device. Once you find the IP address of your router, enter it into its designated field without committing any typing mistakes.

6. Connect Your Devices Wirelessly

The poor communication between your router and modem may also be to blame for getting the login issue. You wouldn’t be able to access the login page if you are using a damaged or worn-out cable. In such a situation, consider wirelessly syncing your device to your modem and solve the current problem. However, be careful not to position the two devices too close together or too far apart.

Sometimes, users even after configuring a router via are unable to access the internet in all areas of their homes. If you are also in the same situation, consider doing extender setup at your place for enhancing the current range of your router and enjoying the internet in every nook and cranny of your home.

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